Why should you do business with Zusys Tech?

Based on Zusys’s unique heritage and beginnings as a business, we created a culture that emphasizes on customer centricity, teamwork, and continuous improvement. Based on the foundation of unyielding integrity and acting as a compass to guide our thoughts and actions, our values serve as our organization’s pillars.

Zusys’s operations are a seamless extension of our clients’ operations. Our strong operating culture defines our process effectiveness, aimed at delivering measurable business impact and strategic value to our clients. Zusys see its client relationships as strategic, long term, and enduring. We believe that honest and regular client feedback enriches our relationships, so our feedback sessions revolve around regular client forums that stimulate new thinking and thought leadership. It also enables our clients to share best practices and connect with industry experts and peers. This differentiated Client Advisory helps us address common client problems, share insights, shape new focus areas and strategies, and further strengthen our client relationships.

Zusys appreciate its relationship with clients and customers as it is based on transparency and open dialogue. Our teams are committed to understand our customer’s issues and leave no stone unturned to resolve them. With them we are always in a ‘partner’ mode instead of ‘service provider – client’ relationship. This gives us comfort and confidence.

Zusys are an excellent business partner and performs with excellence and professionalism across all important performance criteria

Zusys have tried to develop a strong, positive relationship with clients and this has shown itself in the excellent business results that we are seeing.

Will Zusys Tech save customer’s card details?

As per data protection act we do not save the card details, we may ask for card details like card number, name of the card holder, expiration date, cvv number of the card, card type. However, we would not charge from the card without the card holder’s permission. Card details would not be disclosed to anyone and we will not even share the card details to its owner.

How do I register as a Customer? / How do I update my customer contact details?

Customer can contact Zusys on our toll free number +1-800-654-4468. If the customers are facing any issue in their computer or printer, we will sort them out for them and we maintain a database for our eminent customers, even if the customer is a first time caller we ask and save their details in our database for future use. If a customer wanted to update its contact detail just call the toll free number and Zusys tech will do the rest.

Is Zusys Tech legitimate?

As per Zusys Tech’s customer queries, we are willing to produce legitimate verdicts. We are a proof that we are working for our customers dedicatedly with the Moto of “customer satisfaction” and we will do the right thing for them. As we are the best in our industry and we serve best to our customers. With several security and data protection checks are performed regularly. Zusys Tech also has the SSL certification from the hosting provider itself. You can also search the web for more details like Companies details, Registration, Directors and reviews.

Zusys Tech has displayed all the information on the internet and, hereby, claims that is true and are from my knowledge.

How do I request a refund from ZusysTech?

Asking for refund is very easy if the customer is in the first 30 days of sign up with Zusys Tech & not satisfied with our services. What customer needs to do is to call Zusys Tech on our toll free number and we will do the rest. For more details customer also needs to read our refund policies, and Terms &Conditions on our website www.zusystech.com